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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

love is more powerful than hate...

Nabi bersabda. "Tidak akan diterima keimanan seseorang daripada kalian, sebelum ia mencintai sesama Muslim sebagaimana Ia mencintai dirinya sendiri". Cintailah mereka dengan penuh kasih sayang. Tetapi cinta kepada Allah adalah melebihi segala2nya!.
ehem.. i want to tell all of you.. that Love is the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. When you are in love you cannot hate anyone, it’s like you are in love with everyone.
Hate is definitely is a strong emotion that could destroy not only a human soul but whole civilizations. I thinkTibet ancient people knew about this secret of the world and tried to keep their culture in a shape of wisdom that came from unknown sources, probably someone who is pure Love.ppeerrgghh... kemain lagi ayat.. hikhikhik 
 Leading traditions of almost every religion teach you to love the closed ones, even your enemies. However, not everyone understands what does it mean and have more hate in their hearts than Love to those who are around them. If you will learn how to love yourself, you’ll get the understanding what it means to love the other one.
heheheh why i'm wrote this title because hihihi ^_^ next week i'm gonna be present this topic.. hahaha OMG!!!.. it's a beautiful word that i must feel when i want to present that's topic.. huhuhu 
it's mean.. i must fall in love again to doing this.. hmm
maybe laa..only for the present.. kekekke =p emm.. penat eyh.. cakap omputih.. cakap melayu la lak.. hehhe =p da berbelit lidah aku cakap omputih.. heheh  tapi ape ape.. chau dulu.. banyak keje kena buat nie...huhuhu  love- peace and respect- 

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